iPad ScienceWerkz Subscription

ScienceWerkz users worldwide!



What is ScienceWerkz®?  It is an engaging set of interactive titles that are downloaded to your hardware device within an app called Nodma.  Once they are downloaded to your computer or tablet, you do NOT need an internet connection for the product to function.  No more worries as to whether your internet service is working on a daily basis.

Purchase the number of licenses you need and you'll receive your username/password within 24-48 hours, as well as a link to download the Nodma app that is native to your device (iPad, Android tablet, Windows computer, Mac computer, or Chromebook).  

What is the cost of ScienceWerkz®?  ScienceWerkz is offered to schools as a full annual subscription which includes access to ALL of the ScienceWerkz titles (they can be used with any major device) with each subscription license.  You can also choose to purchase the titles individually.

Cost for licenses (one license per user):

1 License = US$24

10 Licenses = US$49

50 Licenses = US$99

200 Licenses = US$299

500 Licenses = US$499