Welcome to the Teachers Corner

Dear Teachers,

We created the ScienceWerkz Club in order to: 1) provide you economical supplementary digital content; 2) curated free content from the internet; 3) pedagogical support to help you make the best STEM learning environment; and 4) activities with the best inquiry-based frameworks.

Tags will be placed on each blog post in order for you to find what you need quickly.  As the website is developed we'll embrace every method that can help you get what you need for your students.

Comments will be allowed on blog posts so that you can add useful links or content that are related to the original post.  Any comments that are made to advertise products or simply are not related to the original post will be deleted.

The students section will be filled with resources for students to dig deeper into a variety of STEM content, identify STEM-related professions, and fascinating information.

We encourage you to write to us and suggest ideas for improving on the ScienceWerkz Club as it is now.


ScienceWerkz Club Team